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Frequently  asked  questions . . .

Can I bring in my own food?

No.  We are required to serve food out of our own kitchen and have hearty butcher boards and desserts available.  We have several wonderful restaurants on our Main Street blocks to visit before or after cocktails at Burnt Barrel.

Do you have N/A beverages?

We do!  We serve an N/A Old Fashioned called The Fitzgerald as well as an extensive Designated Driver craft beverage menu.

Is there anything low-carb on the menu?

Yes!  Our Burnt Barrel Spritzers, Prohibition Sodas, and Angry Hobbit cocktail are all low or no carb.

Do you accept reservations?

In general, our limited space does not allow us to hold tables for guests but we can hold a seating area called The Fishbowl that seats no more than 12 guests.  If the party is 15 minutes late for the reservation, we will open the space to other patrons.

What are your well alcohols?  

Old Forester 86 is our well bourbon, Skip Rock Headwaters and Skip Rock Rye are our white and rye wells, Tullamore Dew is our Irish Whiskey, and Loch Lomand is our well Scotch. 

How late are you open?

In general we are open according to our listed hours however, as with nearly all suburban areas food service businesses, a slow night means we may close up a bit early. 

Do you host private events?

We do!  The bar space is available for private event rentals on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Can I hire your bartenders for an off site event?

Yes!  Michael is a professional bartender with his own business called Juliano's Cocktails.  He is a master at his craft and will custom design specialty cocktails for an event or perform general bartending services.  You can reach him by email, by text at 360.322.2321, or on Facebook at Juliano's Cocktails.

Can I perform at Burnt Barrel?

We love and welcome buskers outside the bar anytime.  Please check in with the staff if you are not sure where to set up.  On occasion, we will have a live performer inside but with the limited space, we don't function well as a venue.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, just check with our staff when you are in.

Are you hiring?

We run our bar with a very small team but on occasion do seek outside help for fill in, bar backing, or pop up food offerings in our kitchen.  If you have whiskey and craft cocktail experience, please leave your contact information and availability with a staff member and we will get in touch.

Do you have tequila, gin, vodka, beer, or wine?

We do not.  We are a whiskey bar and serve whiskey, whisky, bourbon, and Scotch.  Many of our neighboring local establishments have full bars and we encourage you to visit those spots as you experience the Historic Monroe Downtown District.  Once a month for First Thursday, we do have our Wines with Michael events.  Tasting, glasses, and bottles of wine can be purchased on First Thursdays and only on First Thursdays.  

But I don't like whiskey!

At Burnt Barrel Whiskey Bar, we are committed to helping you find a cocktail that you will love and look forward to coming back for.  If you don't traditionally enjoy whiskey, give us a chance to work with you on a drink that suits your palate!  Our But I Don't Like Whiskey and our Gateway Cocktail menus are a great place to start :)

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