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Designated Driver Menu

Coco Cola

Cola, coconut simple syrup, lime

Pineapple Cran Soda

Pineapple  cream soda, cranberry juice, lime


Lavender Basil

Lavender simple syrup, soda water, basil

Frizz Cream

Bubbly Frizz Coffee over ice with splash of cream


Peachy Keen

Peach simple syrup, cola, lime


pineapple upside down

Pineapple Cream Soda, splash of grenadine, cherry


Black cherry tarragon 

Black Cherry Tarragon Soda, twist of lemon, cherry

sparkling lemonade

Lemonade, your choice of flavored simple syrup, splash of soda, lemon

Tropical Orange Fizzy

Orange juice, pineapple cream soda, coconut simple syrup, cherry

Teetotaler Tea

Sweet lavender, coconut, peach, or vanilla simple syrups shaken in with ice cold tea.  Ask about our seasonal flavors!


Prohibition soda

a light balsamic fruit infusion, effervesced with soda water, and garnished with an aromatic fruit or herb.  Try some of our favorite combinations or create your own!


Cara Cara Orange


Gravenstein Apple


Sicilian Lemon

Sicilian Lemon & Lavender

Coconut & Sicilian Lemon

Blueberry & Apple

Cara Cara Orange & Sicilian Lemon

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